Ep. 155: Andrew Mangan (The Arseblog), @EastLower and Hayley Wright

The show returns with a recap of our dire performance against West Brom and rebound against Zagreb midweek with Andrew Mangan, The Arseblog. And close the show with a roundtable of Jim from EastLower and Hayley Wright. Somewhat positive show given our recent results. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 154: James Olley of the Evening Standard, @BillySubway and @AAllenSport

The show returns this week with James Olley of the Evening Standard who recaps the draw with the lilly whites and discusses AW’s comments on doping. Then close out with Billy from The Subways and Andrew Allen of Arseblog News where we talk Bayern, sp*rs and some local club ticket pricing. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 153: Ian Darke of BT Sport, ESPN and @Orbinho from Opta

Great podcast this week with Ian Darke of BT Sport, ESPN and @Orbinho from Opta. We talk with Ian about our Premiere League run, our midweek slump against Wednesday and look ahead to Swansea and Bayern. And close with the show talking analytics with @Orbinho from Opta. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 152: Shaka Hislop of ESPNFC, @7amkickoff and @Gingers4Limpar

An amazing week for The Arsenal that started out with a clean sheet against Watford and capped off by an incredible (clean sheet) performance against Bayern Munich. We talk the season thus far, Bayern game with Shaka Hislop and close with a roundtable of 7amkickoff and Gingers4Limpar. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 151: Paul Mariner of ESPNFC and Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph

Great show this week with Paul Mariner of ESPNFC and Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph. We talk United result, the return of the swagger, the return of beautiful football, tactics behind the the win and of course ask the question, “Is this sustainable?” Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 150: John Cross from the Mirror, @YankeeGunner and @WeAreTheNorthBank

Another up and down week for The Arsenal – this team couldn’t be more Arsenal if it wanted to. Begin the show with John Cross of the Mirror who reviews the Olympiacos dumpster fire and discusses his book on Wenger. Close out the show with some therapy from YankeeGunner and WeAreTheNorthBank. Hope this heals some of the pain.

Ep. 149: James Olley of the London Evening Standard, Tim Stillman of Arseblog and @EastLower

We’ve got FA decisions and Tottenham thoughts from James Olley of the Evening Standard. Close out the show with Tim Stillman and EastLower who talk about our sporting response at Chelsea and our Flamtastic team selection at Tottenham. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 148: Andrew Mangan, The Arseblog & Bobby McMahon of Forbes

Well, the week didn’t go as planned, but then again being an Arsenal supporter does it really ever? Open the show with Andrew Mangan, who chats about the mid-week CL tragedy and look ahead to our clash with Chelsea. Then close out with Bobby McMahon of Forbes, who talks about Club valuations, TV monies and where technology can take team and league revenue. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 147: Adrian Clarke of the Arsenal.com, @Arse2Mouse and @7amkickoff

Yup, we talk transfers. Yup, we talk about our slow start. Adrian Clarke stops by to give his take on the start of the season, the positives and also the impact of the transfer window. Close with @Arse2Mouse and @7amkickoff who both try to be positive and negative while discussing this wonderful Club. Enjoy.

Ep. 146: Craig Burley of ESPNFC, @HayleyWright and @PoznanInMyPants

The show returns with Craig Burley of ESPNFC, who stops by to chat about our oh so familiar beginning to the season. Then close with Hayley Wright and Poznan In My Pants who talk season frustrations, what to do up top and look ahead to Newcastle. Hope you enjoy.