Ep. 106: Julien Laurens of Le Parisien, BT Sport and ESPN, @LeGrove and @NorthbankLower

We talk FA Cup and West Ham results with Julien Laurens of Le Parisien, BT Sport and ESPN as well Wenger and Sagna contracts. Then chat with Peter of Le Grove about injuries, team management, our run & close with @Northbanklower who stops by to chat about the final push for 4th and this weekend’s tricky fixture. Enjoy.

Ep. 105: Adrian Clarke of The Breakdown and The Clock End Show, 7amKickoff and Arse2Mouse

We talk about the pain that we’re suffering through this week and the nervousness going into this weekend’s FA Cup game against Wigan with Adrian Clarke, Tim from 7amKickoff and Tim Clark of Arse2Mouse. Enjoy if you can.

Ep. 104: James Olley of the Evening Standard and Tom Watt

Great show this week with James Olley of the Evening Standard and Tom Watt. We talk Citeh, Everton, Wenger contract, summer transfer kitty, the race for 4th and the FA Cup. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 103: Amy Lawrence of The Guardian and Julian Bennetts of Hayters Sports

Oh, this one is bit of downer in reality, but it’s a great discussion with Amy Lawrence and Julian Bennetts who look back at the Chelsea and Swansea results, the mentality of the team, our thin squad, Wenger contract situation and look ahead to Citeh this weekend. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 102: Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph, @YankeeGunner and @Gingers4Limpar

Plenty to talk about this week with Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph who chats game 1,000 for Wenger, our money in the bank and a look back to Spurs and look ahead to Chelsea. Close with @YankeeGunner and @Gingers4Limpar who talk about the Bayern result, Spurs and how we approach Chelsea. Good show. Enjoy.

Ep. 101: Laura Williamson of The Daily Mail, @Gunnerblog and @7amKickoff

This week’s Podcast welcomes Laura Williamson of The Daily Mail for the first time, who chats about Everton and Bayern, Wenger contract and look ahead to this weekend. We checked in with @Gunnerblog immediately after the Munich match, then close with @7amkickoff to talk about his London and Munich adventures. Enjoy.

Ep. 100: Andrew Mangan from @Arseblog and ESPN, @EastLower & Tayo Popoola from the Tuesday Club Podcast

Great show talking about a not so great week for the Arsenal. We open the show with Andrew Mangan, The Arseblog, who stops by to chat about his new book coming out in May, Stoke result, FA Cup and contracts for Per and Tomas. Close the show with Jim from East Lower and first time guest Tayo Popoola of the Tuesday Club Podcast who talk Stoke, mental strength, fixture list and importance of the FA Cup match against Everton. Enjoy.

Ep. 99: Jim van Wijk of the Press Association, Tim Stillman and Andrew Allen of Arseblog

Bounce back show where we talk Sunderland result, contracts, Giroud and the importance of Tomas with Jim van Wijk of the Press Association. End the show with Tim Stillman and Andrew Allen who stop by to chat about Bergkamp unveiling, Sunderland win, midfield strength and a look ahead to Stoke. Enjoy the show.

Ep. 98: Miguel Delaney of ESPNFC, @Arse2Mouse and @NorthBankLower

It’s an up and down show this week where we discuss the FA cup clash with LFC and the CL match against Bayern Munich CL with Miguel Delaney of ESPNFC and end with a roundtable with @Arse2Mouse @NorthbankLower. And yes, we chat Özil. Enjoy.

Ep. 97: James Olley of the Evening Standard, @Gingers4Limpar and @YankeeGunner

We open with James Olley of the Evening Standard who chats LFC, ManU games and close out with Julian of @Gingers4Limpar and @YankeeGunner who chat this week’s results, tactics, priorities and look ahead to the coming week. And please treat the show as a bit of therapy as I do.Enjoy.