Ep. 169: The Arsenal 2015-16 Season Review

The season is finally done and dusted, and we’ve somehow finished 2nd in the league. HOW? We recap the season with an incredible guest list: Andrew Mangan the Arseblog, James Olley of the Evening Standard, Tim Stillman of Arseblog, Jeremy Wilson of the Daily Telegraph, Adrian Clarke of The Breakdown, Craig Burley of ESPNFC, Hayley Wright, Paul Mariner of ESPNFC, Arse2Mouse, Andrew Allen of Arseblog News, EastLower, YankeeGunner, Geoff Arsenal, NorthBankLower, PoznanInMyPants and 7amkickoff. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 168: Jeremy Wilson of the Daily Telegraph and James McNicholas of @Gunnerblog, ESPNFC and ArseCast Extra

Show’s back this week with Jeremy Wilson of The Daily Telegraph talking about the season, Wenger’s direction, where does the team go from here. You know the drill. And close with James McNicholas from Gunnerblog and Arsecast Extra who chats up the WBA result from the Emirates Media Center, and look ahead at the remaining fixtures and summer clear-out. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 167: Danny Karbassiyoon, author of “The Arsenal Yankee”

Special show this week with Danny Karbassiyoon, who stops by to talk about his new book “The Arsenal Yankee”. It’s a great conversation about how Danny worked his way through the States youth system that eventually lead to his skills landing at The Arsenal on the pitch; which can now be found off it. You can order his new book at www.TheArsenalYankee.com. Hope you guys enjoy.

Ep. 166: Amy Lawrence of The Guardian, Dan Levy and NorthBankLower

Great to be back talking Arsenal. We open the show with Amy Lawrence of The Guardian who talks of the new found chemistry, balance in the midfield along with Wenger’s philosophy the rest of the way and into the summer. Close out with a great discussion with Dany Levy and NorthBankLower. Much fun chatting about our positive run, our stability, look ahead to West Ham and the emergence of Iwobi. Hope you guys enjoy.

Ep. 165: Tim Stillman of Arseblog News and @7amKickoff of Arseblog

Difficult week for The Arsenal and especially us supporters. Just when you think we have some hope, something to look forward to this team completely tears it from our hands and donkey punches us in the face. We still have a lot of games left, hopefully a lot of fight in the tank, hopefully goals and focus. And belief. So with all that said, Tim Stillman joins, fresh off the plane, and @7amkick hops on as well to talk about our run of results. Enjoy. If you can.

Ep. 164: James Olley of the London Evening Standard, @Arse2Mouse and @YankeeGunner

After a couple weeks away the show returns with James Olley of the London Evening Standard who chats Spurs, Hull, Wenger and team attitude and look ahead to Watford and Barca. Show ends with a roundtable of Arse2Mouse and YankeeGunner where we talk about the season, where it was lost, where it was really lost. Good fun. Good therapy. Enjoy.

Ep. 163: Adrian Clarke of The Breakdown on Arsenal.com, @EastLower and @PoznanInMyPants

Woohoo! Another great performance against a top 4 side. Yes, we benefited from a Red Card, but the team’s belief and truly think understanding of the pressure to deliver came through in the end. Look, we had to take 3pts and we did. We talk about the performance with Adrian Clarke of Arsenal.com and then close with @EastLower and @PoznanInMyPants. The season is getting really tasty. Enjoy.

Ep. 162: Dan Thomas of ESPN FC, @Gingers4Limpar and @NorthBankLower

We can talk about this past weekend’s 3-points, but seems only fitting that we forget it and point all our thoughts (negative and positive) towards the weekend’s match against Leicester City. Open up with first time guest, Dan Thomas of ESPN FC, who stops by to chat about the season, and what it will take to win it (or lose it). Close with @Gingers4Limpar and @NorthBankLower. Yes, we try to be positive, but the our inner Arsenal negativity just oozes from us no matter how positive we try to be. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 161: John Cross of the Daily Mirror, George Atallah of the NFLPA, @7amkickoff and Hayley Wright

Welp, the league continues to slip from our grasp. Do we have what it takes? Dunno? We chat with John Cross of the Daily Mirror about Southampton and what it means to the team. George Atallah of the NFLPA checks-in from the Super Bowl to talk about player health, some ‘Concussion’ talk and will the SB ever happen in London. Then close out with some post mortem Southampton talk with Tim from 7amkickoff and Hayley Wright. So, hope you guys enjoy it. Or not.

Ep. 160: Craig Burley of ESPN FC and Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph

Well, that didn’t go as planned, so why not relive it today with Craig Burley of ESPNFC and Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph. We hit on Theo Walcott Day at the Emirates, the fragile midfield, our mentality and of course what this result really means to the team’s mental strength. BUT we have players returning. Hope you enjoy.