Ep. 133: Gabriel Marcotti of ESPN, WSJ, The Times and @EastLower and @PoznanInMyPants

Post Monaco debacle with Gab Marcotti of ESPN, WSJ and The Times who chats about the result, the why and where do we go from there. Finish with a cathartic roundtable with Jim from @EastLower and Paul from @PoznanInMy Pants. It’s therapy.

Ep. 132: Tom Watt of BT Sport and Bobby McMahon of FORBES

Nice little show this week with Tom Watt of BT Sport and can also be seen on this month’s Clock End Show. He stops by to talk about our form, upcoming fixtures and much more. Close out with Bobby McMahon of FORBES who chats about the currnet EPL TV deal and what is all means. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 131: Ian Darke of BT Sport and ESPN, @GunnerBlog and @7amKickOff

Ian Darke, of BT Sport and ESPN, stops by to talk about our season, Wenger philosophy, FA Cup run and of course the USMNT. Close out with Gunnerblog and 7amKickOff who chat about the week that was, what the season could be and touch on the British core. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 130: Craig Burley of ESPNFC, Andrew Allen of Arseblog News and @YankeeGunner

Craig Burley of ESPNFC returns to the show to talk about our run, Santi’s play, Wenger’s selection headache and our upcoming game against Spurs. Close out with an entertaining roundtable with Andrew Allen of Arseblog News and YankeeGunner. ENJOY!

Ep. 129: George Atallah of the NFLPA, @Arse2Mouse and @Gingers4Limpar

Another fun show this week. @GeorgeAtallah of the NFLPA stops by to talk about his love Arsenal, the NFL and how it overlaps the EPL and of course we chat Kroenke. Close the show with an entertaining roundtable with @arse2mouse and @Gingers4Limpar. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 128: Adrian Clarke of The Breakdown and Iain Macintosh of TheSetPieces.com, ESPNFC and Football Weekly

Adrian Clarke and Iain Macintosh join this week’s show to talk about our new Plan B blueprint, team defense, attacking line, defensive display against City, Squad depth, January Transfers and look ahead to the game against Brighton. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 127: Paul Mariner of ESPNFC and Andrew Mangan of Arseblog and ESPNFC

Another great show this week. Open with first time guest and former Arsenal player Paul Mariner who is now on ESPNFC. And close the show with Andrew Mangan, the Arseblog, talks about the current direction and how his views have evolved, changed over the years. Hope you enjoy.

Ep. 126: Amy Lawrence of The Guardian, Tim Stillman of Arseblog and NorthbankLower

The show returns with Amy Lawrence, who chats about cigarettes, our Holiday point haul and January needs. Close the show with a roundtable of Tim Stillman of Arseblog and NorthbankLower. Enjoy!

Ep. 125: Shaka Hislop of ESPN, Misha Sher of WPP, @7amKickoff and @PoznanInMyPants

Open the show with Shaka Hislop of ESPN who chats about the season, Wenger and CL draw. Then Misha Sher of MediaCom/WPP returns to talk about the current sponsorship landscape in Football and close out with @PoznanInMyPants and @7amkickoff. Happy Holidays.

Ep. 124: James Olley of the Evening Standard, Tim Stillman of Arseblog and Julian from Gingers4Limpar

James Olley chats the Champions League clash with Gala, fans’ response and the Wenger in or out debate. Close with Tim Stillman and Julian from Gingers4Limpar who talk Stoke performance, Gala, supporters’ actions and look ahead to Newcastle. Enjoy.